Disabling Bluetooth on the PiBoy DMG

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Figure 1: Disabling bluetooth on the PiBoy.

This tutorial explains how to disable the bluetooth functionality on the PiBoy DMG.
1. Turn off the PiBoy if it’s on and eject the micro SD card.
2. Insert the micro SD card in to the card reader of a computer.
3. Open the card in the file explorer of the computer being used. You will be in the /boot directory of the card when it is opened.
4. Using a text editor, open the config.txt file.
5. At the end of the file add the following text:
Note: make sure there are no newlines or carriage returns at the end of the file.
6. Save the changes to the file and close your text editor.
7. Safely remove the micro SD card from the computer.
8. Place the microSD card in the PiBoy.
9. Boot the PiBoy. The bluetooth functionality should now be disabled.