PiBoy Accessories by Mike Brumm

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Figure 1: Mike Brumm's custom shell with trigger buttons
Today we are showing off user Mike Brumm's PiBoy accessories, which can be found at his etsy store. Mike is an active member of the community and many of his creations can be found in the Facebook group Experimental PiBoy DMG Users. He makes a variety of accessories, such as customized shells with trigger buttons and extra ventilation, as well as two different kinds of docking stations.
Figure 2: Mike Brumm's PiBoy docking stations
Figure 3: Mike Brumm's custom shells alongside both docking station options
Mike also makes different customized fan grates to go with his ventilated shells.
The docks are available in two different options, and provide room for airflow to the PiBoy as well as access to all ports, with doors to cover the ports when transporting the PiBoy.
Figure 4: Mike Brumm's different custom fan grates available
The fan grates are available in several different designs, and as all parts are 3d printed they are available in many colors.
Figure 5: Mike Brumm's custom battery pack grip
Also offered is a custom grip that allows for the use of an additional battery. These grips also work to allow the PiBoy to stand up on its own. The dual battery kit nearly doubles the run time of the PiBoy.
For those interested in customizing their PiBoy DMG, we urge you to check out Mike's shop, as well as the various shells and buttons available in our store.
Article last updated on: 09 Sep 2021