PiBoy DMG: Powered by the Raspberry Pi 4

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Figure 1: The Piboy DMG in hand for scale.

The PiBoy DMG is designed to use the new Raspbery Pi 4, which features a large number of changes from the older Pi 3. The biggest changes are a more powerful proceesor and the option for up to 4GB of RAM. This means that the PiBoy DMG is able to run emulators for more video systems than similiar handhelds based around older Raspbery Pi boards. We are happy to report that the Pi 4 based PiBoy DMG can easily run games for the PS1, Dreamcast and N64 systems. Of course games originally running on older video games systems will also easily run on the PiBoy.
Another feature of the new Pi we’ve tested is the ability to overclock the processor while keeping the the system stable. We’ve tested overclocking the Pi 4 to 2.1GHz and found that the processor stays with a temperature range that is acceptable and results in no CPU throttling. All of this means that the PiBoy DMG provides more horsepower to run demanding games titles compared to other systems.
As an added bonus we’ve developed a clever feature in the circuit board of the PiBoy. With the addition of a sheet of resistive film the D-pad of the PiBoy will be able to function as an analog joystick. This will be a DIY modification that any user of the PiBoy can carry out with a few minutes of hardware hacking.
The PiBoy DMG will be available soon via a Kickstarter campaign and you can be one of the first people to enjoy this new handheld gaming system.
Below are two videos detailing the features of the PiBoy DMG and clips of the handheld running several popular games from a range of video game systems.