PiBoy DMG Production Update

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PiBoy DMG Production Update

Figure 1: The back of the PiBoy DMG’s case.

A quick update on the status of the PiBoy: the first run of plastic parts from the initial molds have been received. These parts will be used to check that the molds are satisfactory, and if not, will determine what needs to be changed on the molds. The parts shown do not have a final finish applied as they are just samples to test the quality and fit of the mold. There has been a delay in the production of the PiBoy DMG due to the slowdown in production in China. However, the first units will be ready for reviewers soon followed by units available for sale.

Figure 2: The two halves of the PiBoy DMG case.

Figure 3: Another view of the PiBoy DMG case back.

Figure 4: The buttons, D-pad and other parts of the PiBoy DMG.