Protecting the PiBoy From Electrostatic Discharge

Figure 1: Visual depiction of static electricity
When taking apart your PiBoy, as with all electronics, it is important to be conscious of static electricity that can damage the device. Static is an electric charge that builds up, often due to friction, and can cause sparks or a light shock when discharged. Getting a shock when touching a doorknob is an example of static electricity.
This electricity can cause damage if it is discharged when touching electronics, and can cause failure of said device. Both the PiBoy's boards as well as the Raspberry Pi itself can be damaged due to a shock. Because of this, it is important to follow proper procedures when handling the internals.
The easiest way to protect your devices from damage is to discharge all static before you begin disassembling. To do this, simply touch something metal after you sit down to work. This can be something like the back of a desktop computer case, a metal workbench or machine, or a metal fixture.
Another way to protect your device is to use a grounding wrist strap, which can be purchased online or at an electronics retailer. These wrist straps have a clip that you attach to a nearby metal fixture, table, etc. and serve as a ground for your body.
No matter your reason for taking apart the PiBoy, always be aware of static electricity and you can prevent failure of both the PiBoy and the Pi itself.
Article last updated on: 16 Sep 2021