Software Update – September 1st, 2021 – Firmware Version 1.0.5 and Updated OSD and Shutdown Software

Figure 1: There is a new firmware update available for the PiBoy.

We have recently updated the firmware and OSD/safe shutdown scripts for the PiBoy. The new version 1.0.5 is available for download here. Below is a list of changes made to the software.
When updating the scripts and firmware you should update the OSD and shutdown scripts BEFORE updating the firmware.

OSD and Safe Shutdown Software

Fixed loadwait option in OSD
Added deadband to volume icon display in OSD
Added arguments for individual OSD icons and status information
Added "classicaudio" to osd.cfg, which enables old PCM(1 device, 2 index) audio devices
Fan profile defaults to the higher setting
SD card files are stored in SDInstall
For Windows users, the ExperimentalPiUtility can be used for all necessary steps in updating the PiBoy firmware over USB
For non-Windows users, there is a very simple python based firmware update utility


Adjustments to backlight control to support alternate backlight drivers in response to silicon shortages
Added median filter to controls.
We are now Retropie 4.7.1 compatible
Added splash screens during installation
Article last updated on: 01 Sep 2021