Users Get Creative With The PiBoy DMG

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Figure 1: Tuấn Dũng's customized PiBoy DMG.
We are very happy to see that our users are making amazing customized pieces for their PiBoy DMG. One such user is Tuấn Dũng from the Facebook group Experimental PiBoy DMG Users. Tuấn has customized his PiBoy with a custom 3D printed backplate with additional ventilation for the fan, as well as replacing the stock fan for one with RGB capabilities.
We love to see our users' creativity and encourage customization of both the shell and the software. For those that would like to get started, we sell additional shells and buttons in various colors that can be mixed and matched however you desire.
We also have STL files available for download which can be used to print stock PiBoy DMG pieces with a home 3D printer or by sending the files to a printing service. The files are available from our downloads page.
Article last updated on: 03 Sep 2021