New Limited Edition Aluminum Cases for PiBoy DMG

We are excited to announce a new, limited edition case upgrade option for the PiBoy DMG. These premium cases are made from aluminum and are available in 4 colors.
Figure 1: The new aluminum cases for the PiBoy DMG
Aluminum cases are available in black, purple, silver, and blue.
Figure 2: Front, back, and battery door of silver case
These cases are a simple, direct fit upgrade from the original plastic case for the PiBoy DMG.
Figure 3: Silver and blue aluminum cases
These stylish cases are sturdy and add a nice weighted feel to the device. The back of the aluminum case also features added ventilation to help with airflow and provide better cooling.
Figure 4: Purple and black aluminum cases
Additionally, the battery door is more secure, closing with a screw rather than plastic tabs.
Figure 5: Front and back of black case
Each case has the logo and button labels printed in a contrasting color, either purple for the black and blue cases, or blue for the silver and purple cases.
Figure 6: Front and back of purple case
Just like the plastic cases, these can be easily customized with different colored buttons, also available for sale in our store.
Figure 7: Front and back of blue case
The aluminum cases make for a great, easy upgrade to your PiBoy DMG. Aluminum cases will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to get them while you can.
Article last updated on: 28 Feb 2022