Customize Your PiBoy With Colored Buttons

Raspberry Pi Kits
Figure 1: All colors of PiBoy buttons available
We make buttons in an array of colors that can be used to customize your very own PiBoy. In addition to rainbow colors, we also offer the buttons in black and gray. Each button kit includes six round buttons, a power switch, two shoulder buttons, and a D pad.
Figure 2: One color configuration of the buttons
Figure 3: Another color configuration of the buttons
The buttons can be used in various combinations to create the desired effect. Shown above are PiBoys with the buttons configured to resemble the N64 and SNES controllers. For this we used the yellow buttons, as well as red, blue, green, and black.
Figure 4: Yet another color configuration of the buttons
Figure 5: One more color configuration of the buttons
These PiBoys were assembled with the red and blue buttons, and the purple and violet buttons.
Article last updated on: 15 Sep 2021