Software Update – December 8th, 2020 – Firmware Version 1.0.3 and Updated OSD and Shutdown Software

Note: This article contains old information and is preserved for archival purposes.

Figure 1: The PiBoy’s firmware and custom scripts have received a recent update.

We recently updated both the firmware and osd/safe shutdown scripts to version 1.0.3. The new software is available as a combined download from here.
When updating the scripts and firmware you should update the osd and shutdown scripts BEFORE updating the firmware.
The main changes to both pieces of software are fixes for problems that customers have encountered while using the PiBoy. Below is a listing of the changes made to each piece of software.

OSD and Safe Shutdown Software

The biggest change in the custom scripts is that the osd.cfg file for customizing the software has been moved from the /home partition to the /boot partition. This means you no longer need to remote in to the PiBoy with WinSCP to make changes to the PiBoy. You can simply remove the SD card from the PiBoy and place it in the card reader of a computer to make changes to the osd.cfg file.
Changed format for fan speed curve definitions to use duty cycle.
Added volume offset in osd.cfg for splash screen.
Volume and brightness controls now use centered deadzone.


Fixed loud splash screen audio.
Added volume control to the splash screen.
Article last updated on: 10 Nov 2021