Replacement and Customization Parts

Figure 1: Experimental Pi offers customization parts and replacement parts for the PiBoy DMG.

Experimental Pi’s Available Parts

Experimental Pi sells replacement parts for the PiBoy DMG, as well as parts to customize your PiBoy. Below is a listing of all the parts we have for sale.

Colored Cases

Figure 2: A preview of the available colored cases.

If you’d like to change the look of your PiBoy DMG we have several different colored cases options to choose from. We have cases available in black, transparent black, purple, crystal clear and yellow. Each case comes with a plastic parts kit and a new glass screen. You can purchase them here.

Colored Buttons

Figure 3: A sample of the one of the colored button choices.

Another way to customize the look of your PiBoy is by purchasing and installing alternative colored buttons that we’ve made available. The buttons sets come in yellow, blue, grey, black, green, purple, violet and red. Each buttons set comes with the six front buttons, a dpad, rear shoulder buttons and a power switch. The can purchase them here.

HDMI Adapter

Figure 4: HDMI adapters are available for all of the Pi models compatible with the PiBoy.

If you would like to use the PiBoy like a console by displaying the video output on a TV or monitor, optional HDMI adapters are available. The adapters are specific to the Pi model you choose to use in your PiBoy. Adapters are available for the Pi Zero, Pi 3 and Pi 4. We have a tutorial about using the PiBoy as a console on YouTube. You can purchase an HDMI adapter here.


Figure 5: The stock PiBoy charger.

If you purchased a kit without a charger or would like an extra one for on the go we have chargers available for sale. The charger is micro USB charger with a 5V 3A output. You can purchase one here.


Figure 6: The 4500 mAh battery for the PiBoy DMG.

The battery in the PiBoy DMG is replaceable and we have replacement 4500 mAh LiPO batteries available for purchase here.


Figure 7: The PiBoy’s 10,000 rpm brushless fan.

Replacement cooling fans are available for purchase here. The replacement fans are the same as those sold with the PiBoy kit and are 10,000 rpm brushless fans.


Figure 8: The PiBoy’s glass screen protector.

If you happen to break or scratch the protective glass over the PiBoy’s screen you can purchase replacement glass here. The replacement glass comes ready with adhesive pre-applied for easy installation.

LCD Screen

Figure 9: The PiBoy’s LCD screen can be replaced if damaged.

As with the glass, if you happen to damage the LCD screen on the PiBoy, replacements are available. You can purchase a new LCD screen here. The replacement screen is the exact same one included in all PiBoy kits.

Ribbon Cables

Figure 10: The replacement video and flipped style SD ribbon cables.

Figure 11: The replacement video and flat style SD ribbon cable

Replacement video and SD ribbon cables are available in you need to replace yours. There are sold as a kit including both cables, and can be purchased here.  Please be aware that some models may use a different SD ribbon cable.